Aaron Harmon

Program Director

Aaron Harmon has more than 15 years of behavioral healthcare experience in the inpatient psychiatric hospital setting. Since 2014, he has served as Program Director for a 10-bed gero-psychiatric unit and intensive outpatient program at Fulton County Health Center (FCHC), a rural critical access hospital located in Wauseon, Ohio.

In this role, Aaron directs policy and staff training related to behavioral health policies and incorporates the latest evidence-based nursing standards into hospital programming. As chair of a hospital-wide committee on management of aggression and restraint/seclusion, he helped lead the transition to a mechanical restraint-free facility. Due in part to these efforts, the National Resource Center ranked FCHC in the top 5% of psychiatric hospitals for managing behavioral disruptions without the use of restraints and without injury to patients or staff.

Aaron is a servant leader with a strong belief in the shared governance model. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bowling Green State University. He holds American Nurses Credentialing Accredited (ANCC) Board Certification in Psychiatric Nursing.

Basics of Servant Leadership

In a follow-up to, “Internal Customer Service in Healthcare: A Servant Leadership Model”, Program Director Aaron Harmon gives insight on the Servant Leadership model.

Internal Customer Service in Healthcare: A Servant Leadership Model

Complex organizational structures that include partnerships between diverse internal and external stakeholders with competing interests and needs can present unique customer service challenges. A solution that is suitable for one customer may be unacceptable to another.  Liaising between internal and external customers often feels like refereeing a zero-sum game.  This article explores these relationships and seeks to offer insight into how to successfully navigate these situations as a leader or influencer.