Jayne Shale

Director of Business Development

Jayne Shale is a forensic clinician and behavioral health program manager with almost 30 years of experience. She began with Liberty in 2006 as executive director of a specialized program of intensive community supervision, housing, and treatment of persons adjudicated as sexually violent predators. Her role included providing expert witness testimony to superior courts and making presentations to community groups and treatment and law enforcement professionals. Since 2010, she has been active in developing specialized programs for state and county behavioral health, forensic, and correctional populations.

Jayne serves as a subject matter expert and consultant on Liberty programs, particularly those that serve a forensic population, such as our jail-based mental health, jail-based competency restoration, and sex offender-related programs. Based on her leadership experience, Jayne has also served as an interim program director for new contracts. She earned a Master of Social Work with a focus on clinical/forensic social work from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Pepperdine University.

Winter 2020 ACA & CLA Conference

January 9 – 14 – San Diego, CA