Mark DeLucchi

Program Director

Mark DeLucchi, Ph.D., has nearly 20 total years of experience as a clinical director, psychologist, and counselor with a focus on serving forensic populations who have mental illness. In 2018, Dr. DeLucchi joined Liberty Healthcare as Program Director of a new psychiatric stabilization program within a county correctional facility that treats inmates who are acutely disabled by psychiatric illnesses and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Through its designation as a Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) unit, the program is authorized to admit and treat inmate patients who are under the conditions of involuntary civil commitment. In this role, Dr. DeLucchi provides administrative direction for the daily operations and growth of the program, serving as the primary liaison between the County Sheriff’s Department and Correctional Health Services, and other agencies and stakeholder organizations.

Prior to joining Liberty, Dr. DeLucchi served as clinical director of an acute psychiatric hospital and provided assessments and individual/group psychotherapy with incarcerated adults in a county jail. In addition to high-risk inmates, he has conducted trauma-focused individual and group therapy to the adult family members and the adult victims of physical, sexual, and emotional violence. He has also served as an instructor and conducted seminars to psychiatric, medical, sworn custody staff, and community partners on various topics, including but not limited to: abnormal psychology and diagnosing clinical conditions, mood and anxiety disorders, legal and ethical issues, understanding the diagnostic and statistical manuals, and involuntary hospitalizations.

Dr. DeLucchi earned Doctorate in Philosophy and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, a Master of Arts in Post-Secondary Education from the University of San Francisco, and a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from Santa Clara University.