Steve Bryant

Executive Director

Steve Bryant has more than 30 total years of experience in the management of clinicians and other professionals who work in a correctional setting, including 15 in the supervision and monitoring of violent offenders and sex offenders. He is currently Executive Director of a statewide program of community-based treatment and case management of sexually violent persons for Liberty. In this role, he oversees overall program operations and staff, and maintains close coordination with a state Department of Human Services and with the police, courts, treatment providers, and other agencies and stakeholders. Steve also develops policies and procedures regarding the community management of sex offenders, conducts specialized training for agents and other entities, and participates in team meetings with other key decision makers.

Prior to joining Liberty, Steve worked for a state Department of Corrections in a variety of functions for more than 25 years, including his role as Parole Commander for a sex offender supervision unit. In that role, he provided oversight for the community management and monitoring of sex offenders on parole, and managed parole agents in a 26-county region.

Client Satisfaction Surveys to Improve Outcome Management in Mental and Behavioral Health

Originally published on the Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare Website by Leslie Proctor. June 1, 2015.