In the Summer 2020 ATSA Forum, ATSA President and Liberty Executive Clinical Director Shan Jumper wrote a letter to ATSA members that wasn’t just an update in response to COVID-19, conference cancellations, committee elections, or the usual office news. He commended his colleagues for being compassionate, flexible, and resilient during the last three months. He wrote, “the members remain committed to the vision of a world without sexual violence. I am very proud to be part of this organization”.

When he announced the ATSA 2020 Conference was going digital, he focused on its positive attributes. He let members know that it would be more accessible to more people, and there was now an ability to host online social gatherings with colleagues. Additionally, a digital conference created opportunities to partner with other organizations that are focused on eliminating sexual violence.

In closing, Shan wrote about the level of work in response to the pandemic. How the board is finding new ways to work and how they will continue to ensure the continued growth and success of ATSA. Shan’s positivity is evident throughout his letter. We don’t know what the future will look like, but at Liberty, we are glad we have leaders like Shan that stay encouraged and resilient in uncertain times.